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Portable chicken coops for Maryland, Northern Virginia, Washington D.C. and Surrounding Areas


 You can now own your own chicken coop!

Think you want to keep chickens? Not sure if it’s for you? One person wants hens the other is not sure. That is one of the reasons I started the chicken rental business. Raising backyard chickens can be a rewarding experience. What a wonderful way to learn where your food comes from. A fun adventure for all ages!

 Why Raise Chickens?

  • Easy and inexpensive to maintain (when compared to most other pets)
  • Eggs that are fresh, great-tasting & nutritious
  • Chemical-free bug and weed control
  • Manufacture the worlds best fertilizer
  • Fun & friendly pets with personality (yes, you read that right)

We supply you with everything you need.

With your rental, you’ll receive a portable chicken coop, two egg-laying hens, enough food for the length of your rental, food and water dishes, bedding for the nesting box, grit for calcium as well as detailed instructions on how to keep your chickens happy.

Your chickens may even start laying eggs the very same day you receive them. Collect the eggs each day and be sure they have fresh food and water. Your hens will be the most happy if they are allowed to free-range, but if this can’t happen lots of tasty food scraps will make sure they are well balanced hens!

closed nesting box & loft stairs

Our coops are designed to be aesthetic and modern, but we can customize the coop to match your garden if it is important to you. We think they look lovely and are convenient both to clean and collect from. The footprint is minimal at 18 square feet—3 feet by 6 feet. All the health and security issues have been addressed by the design, from water on demand, to lighting and ventilation, to rodent control and protection from predators. We have your lovely ladies in a safe healthy coop!

Our program takes the hassle out of raising backyard chickens.

When you receive your “package” you will receive two healthy young heritage bred hens. Why heritage bred hens you may wonder? I have found in my many years of chicken keeping on my homestead, that heritage bred hens can handle our mid-Atlantic weather. Heritage chickens are generally more quiet and docile. They lay more eggs consistently for a longer length of time than the hybrid hens.


Learn more about what is involved with owning or renting your very own chicken coop:

question-circleFind out if you are zoned for chicken keeping and more: http://www.peoples-law.org/raising-chickens

Contact usenvelope-o for more information or to answer any questions!