Life Should Be Fun, Keep Chickens!

Laced Wing Wyandotte

Laced Wing Wyandotte

Red Star

Red Star


By caring for another being, one ultimately enjoys life more fully.

Chicken Rental & Purchase

“Try before you buy” a  great way to try out keeping chickens without the long-term commitment. If you decide you love having chickens, purchase the complete package. If you decide it is not for you I will take them back.

Pricing for Rental

  • 4 weeks/$140
  • Delivery: $1/mile, no cost if you pick-up
  • No cost for pickup after delivery (if you decide not to purchase the package) and have paid for delivery
  • Repair price may be applied if portable chicken coop is returned damaged

Pricing for Purchase

  • Complete chicken package/$470
  • Delivery: $1/mile, no cost if you pick-up

What You Will Receive

  • 1 handmade sturdy 4′ x 6′ chicken portable chicken coop
  • 1 feed container
  • 1 water container
  • 1 grit & oyster tray (with grit & oyster shell)
  • 2 lovely ladies (aka hens)
  • Feed—enough for your allotted time, commercial grade is standard
  • Straw for nesting box bedding
  • Lastly my suggestions, advice, and help setting your new adventure in chicken keeping

Benefits of Keeping Chickens

  • Knowing where your food comes from and what they have been fed
  • Having an educational experience right in your own yard
  • Lawn fertilization and aeration
  • They are more entertaining to watch than most TV programs
  • Chickens require little maintenance
  • Chickens help keep most insect and pests under control in your yard

Fun Facts

  • Chickens don’t sweat, just like dogs, they pant. So it is extremely vital to provide shade, good air circulation and cool fresh water (not hot)
  • Most chickens can live 8-10 years, but can live as long as 14 years
  • Most chickens lay an egg every other day while they are in their prime laying years. Which is 7 months to 4 years, depending on the breed
  • Most chickens lay eggs for 5-7 years, depending on the breed
  • Chickens will eat almost any insect, fruit, grain or vegetable, or left over cooked food
  • They look down a large amount of their lives scratching the ground hoping to find a tasty treat
  • They can learn clues from their caretakers—ie: the yellow bucket means treats, let’s all run to the caretaker to see what treat we are receiving
  • Chickens are innately curious animals
  • Some chickens “sing” their announcements after laying an egg
  • Chicken eggs come in many shapes, sizes and colors
  • Chickens are happiest in fresh air, calm environment, moving freely and scratching the ground


What Is Expected of You

  1. It is your responsibility to know if you are zoned for chicken keeping
  2. It is your responsibility to take the utmost care of the hens. This entails but is not limited to:

Keeping them safe from harm—either from predators, neighbor pets, unattended children, wandering in the street, and other possible accidents. Just use your common sense!

Daily food and water. Kitchen scraps are a great treat and supplement to their daily feed. They will let you know if they do not like it, they will not eat it. Water must not be hot as this will not refresh the hens on a Maryland summer day. As well as during the winter frozen water will need to be replaced.

Shade on hot days. Chickens have down & will be fine on freezing winter days.

3.  When letting hens out to forage, you must be around the yard to ensure they are looked after. Hens can not discern between your prized flower bed and a patch of grass

4. Replacement of hen: if a hen becomes sick or injured a replacement hen may be in order. If a hen dies a replacement hen may be in order depending on the reason for death

5.  Return of rental portable chicken coop and hens must be in re-rental condition. This means:

* not damaged      * feed, water, & grit, containers clean     *Chicken waste and bedding removed

For more information on Terms and Conditions click here.

Email me for more information or to answer any questions!

Columbian Wyandotte

Columbian Wyandotte

Rhode Island Red

Rhode Island Red


nesting box hatch opening

nesting box hatch opening

loft view

loft view

ground entrance opening

ground entrance opening

closed nesting box & loft stairs

closed nesting box & loft stairs

Find out if you are zoned for chicken keeping and more.

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  1. OMG I want chickens in my garden. I love the chicken coop design , particularly the loft! Splendid idea. I’m a 75 year old grandma and have ALWAYS wanted chickens in my garden but circumstances never permitted. Children and grandmas should keep chickens!

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