The last of the peppers

the last of the peppers
the last of the peppers
bellingrath gardens purple
bellingrath gardens purple

Sad but true, it’s the last of the peppers harvested from the summer garden. They were no longer growing just hanging out on the mother plant in a refrigerated state. Sweet, spice, and hot all in one mix. To be pickled later!

The bellingrath gardens purple, in my hand, is a delightful plant to have in an ornamental garden as well as a vegetable garden. The foliage is a deep purple with some of the leaves possessing an iridescent sheen. The pepper themselves are such a dark shade of purple they are nearly black. Maturing to a rich bright red.

I usually allow the peppers to dry & crush them for use. Or string them with other hot peppers. They are quite cheery in the winter!

I purchased these seeds 3-4 years ago from one of my favorite seed company’s, Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. Now I save my own seed from the mature peppers. No need to repurchase ever again!


2 thoughts on “The last of the peppers

  1. The bellingrath purple pepper plants were the most beautiful thing in my garden this past summer. I got my plants from Michele, and was stunned at how gorgeous the plant was, and how amazingly HOT the tiny little peppers are! They mature very late, which is nice because most of my garden was looking sorry by the time these plants were looking their prettiest.

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