Untimely Death of Bart

It is a mystery what happened to my rooster Bart. I was away for 1 day. After I got home and settled in I went to check on the chickens. To my horror Bart, my beautiful barred rooster, was laying in front of the chicken coop dead. His neck was broken and he appeared to be a bit flat. Yes, flat. I could see no bite marks, or blood, or excessive feathers laying anywhere in the yard. The broken neck is suspect of a dog attack or a raccoon. My two Danes are use to the chickens in the yard and do not bother them. Besides, the chickens were secured in the chicken yard. So this would leave the raccoon. Raccoons typically pull the heads off the chickens. And Bart’s head was still attached. Raccoons often will kill several chickens during the “raid” for sport. Just Bart had perished. Now as far being flat, that would indicate hysteria. Something or someone could have frightened the chickens so badly they had a stampede and crushed Bart. The main chicken door was slightly open; this does happen from time to time. And Bart’s body was in front of the door outside. Does this mean the hens crushed him inside of the ckicken coop and he got pushed out of the door as they scrambled out the door? Hummmm. Unlikely. And what about the broken neck? I just don’t know. This is so distressing to me. My only rooster pointlessly killed. Why?! How?! Who?! Will this happen again to one of my hens?

The absence of Bart’s crowing is very much felt this morning. There is an absolute void that seems to linger. It’s all very strange.

Bart the barred rooster.

Bart the barred rooster.


One thought on “Untimely Death of Bart

  1. I am saddened by this news. I know how hard it is to lose a pet and those familiar routines we get so used to. My heart goes out to you and your family. **hugs**

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