Bart will continue his legacy.

candling an egg

candling an egg

It appears that Bart, even though he had an untimely death, will continue his legacy. We are incubating about 34 of the eggs from our hens. This by no means will mean we will even have half of the eggs hatch. The “higher up” hens will “turn” the rooster away. So, their eggs will not be fertile. And seeing as how we do not have a “watch” on who is in the nesting box when, we will not know, with accuracy, know who will lay the egg.

The incubation looks to be moving along wonderfully. We (my children & I) collected eggs we liked for the hatching. I always lean toward the Arucana (blue/green) eggs. I know the breed is lovely & I can tell which egg is theirs at a glance. Not that I don’t like the other breeds, I just favor some more than others.

Take, for instance, the great eggs producers, the Turkins a.k.a, Transylvanian naked neck. They are not a “looker”, to be an understatement! The girls are in the ugly category. They are mouthy (loud), but they do the job, and do not bully the other hens…..They are welcome here!

We started incubating the eggs on MLK day(Martin Luther King Day- Jan.16) So the 1st should emerge about Feb.6.  It’s always so fun to have baby chix. And THIS time, we are hoping for a rooster. Just trying to be sustainable!

In this photo is my husband’s hand cradling a fertilized egg. You can see the outline of the embryo! This is called candling. Looking inside the egg ia amazing! To see and live the process of life…… To be so lucky & patient!


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