Late day arrivals and an early morning arrival.

Not even 24 hours old.

Not even 24 hours old.

14 fluffy chicks
14 fluffy chicks

As the days passed, my children and I became more and more concerned for the mental health of baby chick, Solo. Yes, we named him Solo. I think it’s pretty obvious why. He or she peeped a lot and quite loudly, running around looking up from his box home. We would, of course, pick him up and carry him with us. He would even hang out on the bed for evening story time. It was just pitiful how lonely he seemed.

It seemed as though no other chicks were going to hatch. My daughter and I got on the computer Monday evening and found a site where we could purchase a small “batch” of day old chicks. These day old chicks could be shipped the very same week! Wonderful! Solo’s solo days were going to soon come to an end.

I ordered 6 Araucanas, (love those blue eggs!) 2 Sussex, and 2 Brahma. I currently have 4 Araucana and 1 Brahma which I just love. The Brahma are huge, calm, quite, beautiful, and feather footed.  Sussex are a very old breed from colonial days that are also beautiful. We could have an extra rare breed for free. Sure, why not. This order is also a “straight” run. Which means both male and female will come in the order. (I’ll go over my reasoning on this at a later date)

I received a call on Wed. late afternoon that our chickens were waiting for pick up from the post office. Our order of 11 turned into an order of 12. How nice they gave extras. Everyone was alive and looking wonderful.

Wouldn’t you know it, we had another chick emerging the very same evening we received 12 in the mail This time the chick started its very long process in the evening and by 5 am was trying to walk around. As before, with Solo, the older baby chick, it was shiny and “glazed” with egg white. This new, so far unnamed chick, needed to stay in the incubator for approximately 24 hours to finish drying, to rest, and gain strength.

When my kids and I “introduced” the new chick to the others it went very well,better than the introduction to Solo had been. Not that Solo’s introduction was bad per se. I was a bit concerned because the newly shipped chicks seemed high strung. And a bit “in his face”. But all went well in chickie world.

Now we have 14 little fluffy chicks rather than the two. What”s 12 more when we already have 41!


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