Amazing organic apple sauce.

12 jars of organic apple sauce

12 jars of organic apple sauce, yum!

We were fortunate enough to be able to “score” an entire crate of Granny Smith apples from our local organic market. They were dubbed, “not worthy to sell” . Perfect for apple sauce!  Time-wise, not so fortunate. Amazing homemade organic apple sauce, “score”. Not including: peeling, cutting, cooking, stirring, & spicing….then there was the canning process.

People have asked to take part in canning with me to learn , of course. More than likely not because they simply have loads of time to give away. Today’s venture was about 3 hours worth of 12 jars of “amazing organic  apple sauce”. As usual,  I didn’t think to call any one until I am deeply immersed into the project.

Canning apple sauce can be detrimental to the well-being of your skin. You must work with hot canning jars, hot lids and rims , and  hot apple sauce. Hot everything is actually a requirement of canning apple sauce. Yikes!

I must report, no skin was injured for this canning project and “amazing organic apple sauce” was canned! Mission accomplished!


4 thoughts on “Amazing organic apple sauce.

  1. we have about 80 apple trees on our property. I’ve toyed around w/ going the organic route but we are surrounded by cedar trees/ etc. (the apple cedar Rust will really do a number on an apple) so to date I have chosen to “lightly” spray the chemicals…don’t like it but the alternative is a lot of really skuzzy apples nobody would buy…. so I’m torn. I do feel your joy scoring some organic apples however…yea 🙂

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