Broody hen

Momma checking out a different baby
Momma checking out a different baby

It appears I have a broody Australorp hen. This is one of the hens that hatched out 4 babies in the spring of 2010, though she rejected any of the chicks that were not completely black, like herself. That was unexpected!

She will not be hatching out any of her eggs as there has not been a rooster in with the hens since the passing of Bart in January. I believe I will be making some calls to some of my homesteading friends to see if I can take some of their fertilized hen eggs.


2 thoughts on “Broody hen

  1. that is so exciting you have a hen that wants to sit. I grew up on a farm/ and never realized until a couple of years ago when I got a few chickens for our own eggs now, how hard it is to find a hen who actually wants to brood a batch of eggs anymore. My mom said she thought they’ve bred that instinct out of many breeds…I don”t know if that’s true or not, but I could not get any of our hens to sit . several years ago now, we had one of those exotic rooters w/a “punky hair do” mate w/ our white run of the mill egg laying hens…she hatched a batch of eggs..little white chickens w/ their daddy’s “do” funniest thing I ‘d ever seen. Haven’t forgotten your question about which chemicals I do spray with on the apples..>i need to run down and look @ the labels. …I know some of it is for bugs and some of it is for fungus.

  2. Hey DM, don’t run you may trip… to check the chemicals that is, just kidding.
    Yes, myself & a friend that is a homesteader, have hens that are “in for the long hall”. But truly, the hen pushed out the new born chick that were not the same color! I love the heritage breeds. They do what nature intended. And as far as the funny looking mixed breed chicks, sounds like the crested type. We have 4. They are an eye full.

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