A late start



Last week my younger daughter and I started the spring greens and most of the peppers. This is very late for me. I have started as early as second week of January, but mostly,  I start in early February.

I have noticed from my past gardens that I can have a volunteer tomato plant come up, lets say, in early June. This very same volunteer plant will produce  fruit approximately 3 weeks later than the plant that I have started and very lovingly tended for 5 months indoors! How can this be?! Trust me, I have had the thoughts of, well, might as well sow the tomato plant directly then. This would save me a lot of time and energy. But am I the gambling type?  That would be a resounding “no”! To think that this gamble would lead to few or no tomat

oes is a thought I care not to even consider. It actually sounds more like a horrible nightmare! And to think of my choices if my gambling experiment did not go my way. “No, No,No!!” I would have to scramble around to see if I could “score” some heirloom plants ( I will have no hybrids, thank you) or purchase them from someone else. Now, that has never happened in the summer!

No, I think I will be safe and tend to my lovely heirloom tomato plants for 5+ months to ensure I do, in fact, harvest all the tomatoes I want and, lets face it, need in the summer. What would a summer be without heirloom tomatoes? Let’s not dwell on that!

I do believe I have frightened myself into wanting to start my tomato plants today! Yes, indeed I will do just that.


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