Amazing things are happening indeed!

5 chilly newborn chicks

5 chilly newborn chicks

I have witnessed nature at its best and its worse around our place here in Maryland. And this is for sure one of the better occurrences!

As I stated several weeks ago, we have a broody hen. Well, her wish came true! Five! Yes, five babies hatched the same day, all looking and acting healthy. Three all yellow and two yellow with copper slashes on their face.

It was a strange thing. I clearly wasn’t keeping time the same as when I had the incubator on my kitchen counter. It seemed that time flew by when she was sitting on those eggs. And, I was not looking and listening for the new arrivals.

It was this past Monday morning. My husband, Tim, called me to help round up one of Solo’s adopted siblings. The chicken door was not latched properly  (kid), and it blew open from the extreme wind.  After we secured the baby chick back to its home, I continued to hear a very loud “peeping”in  the the main chicken coop. To my surprise, there were five clean, dry, healthy newborn chicks! But the silly hen was a nesting box under the babies. Was she overwhelmed? Didn’t know how to get them down to a lower nesting box? The poor dears must have been very upset and cold on their new arrival to the world with a Momma that left them stranded in a nesting box to themselves! What was she thinking?!

So, my 6 year old son, Sean, helped me transport Momma and babies to the nesting box on the ground. Success! This would work much better. It has been chilly and windy here.  New Momma has kept the babies in the coop until the weather warms later in the day. Good girl!!

Momma & 5 newborn chicks

Momma & 5 newborn chicks


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