Irresistable borage



I was going through some photos from last summer and came across these of my borage. Aren’t they just lovely? I mean isn’t the borage just lovely!

Borage can be easily overlooked if not placed in the correct spot. So I always place mine in the very front of all other herbs. No matter where it is in the garden it is sure to attract the beneficial insects. It is truly amazing to see how often the borage flower is visited. Seeing as how I love to watch all the comings-and -goings in the garden, the front row seems the most logical.

I have noticed on one plant there can be white, pink, light blue, bright blue, and dual colored flowers. Now, that is impressive! And the appearance of the flowers are so intercut and exotic it is surprising how delicate the flavor is… mild cucumber. The stems are so pale, slender, and succulent. The best part of the stem to me is that they are fuzzy. Very fuzzy. You would think this would not work so well for consuming the stems (I have actually read that it is recommended to peel them, but there would be nothing left!)  but I have never thought it an “issue”. The flavor of the stem, well, it’s mild cucumber too.

If you have not had the pleasure of these garden gems yet, I would highly recommend growing them. Even if it’s on your balcony in a pot. You will not be disappointed.

borage & bee balm


7 thoughts on “Irresistable borage

  1. I have some lovely borage in my wild flower bed, I do find that it is trying to take over a little have you experienced this? My friend who is a font of all knowledge said that I can put the flowers in salad I haven’t tried yet though maybe this year!

  2. I have not experienced “the take over” from my borage. And I wouldn’t mind a bit more self seeding on it’s part. But yes, the entire plant is edible! Great isn’t it?

  3. My borage grew the first year VERY enthusiastically, and the second year we got a volunteer. The flowers are gorgeous, but I find the plant to be waaaay too disgustingly hairy to want to put it in my mouth. Flowers are o.k., but leaves and stems are really hairy. They do attract plenty of beneficial insects, so they are a favorite.

  4. I have had to spray my gravelled seating area to get it under control. Not complaining though self seeded flowers always make me smile like presents from nature. I will try it this year in my salad!

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