It always pays to check

A good thing I’m a Mom of three, as well as being a Cancer sign. Tonight those aspects of my life paid off. After being up with the sun and working on my feet at my paying job, I wisely decided to check on my hens.This is where the Mom and Cancer sign plays into it.  On top of the wire table in the chicken yard was a dark mysterious clump. I said, “hummm”  to that, of course. Chickens. A beautiful colorful clump of baby chickens. apparently the chicken door shut before they could find a good spot for the night in the safety of the coop. Being the lower birds on the pecking order they prefer to go in a little later so as not to have a “run in” with the hens higher up. You would think after keeping chickens for about 5 years now I would remember to change the time as the season changes.  Another one of those “note -to-self” times in life.

It’s so very nice that they are very subdued when the sun goes down. None of this running around with the chicken net (a.k.a the crab net) to apprehend them. Or, of course, have my “helpers” assist me. I simply walked over and lifted them 1 or 2 at a time, gently placing them on the chicken coop floor. Some made a little fuss, but mostly they just chortled a little. ( If you haven’t heard it, they make this sweet chortling sound at various times; it reminds me of a dove’s coo.)

One of the things I like about what I do, is the silence at time. This was one of those times. Slow, calm, quiet, and mindful. Good thing for this practice, otherwise I may not have heard the tiny baby all the way up on top of the 5′ fence. What?! How in the world did he/she get up there?!? Again, slow moving quiet self easily lifted her off the fence. So sweet!


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