Too much good must be balanced?

Broken baby chick.

Hank a.k.a: the baby chick pouncer
Hank a.k.a: the baby chick pouncer

We have all heard the expression, “You have to take the good with the bad”. But can there be too much good?  Must we have bad to balance out the good. Or is it that we have to have the bad to appreciate the good? Either way I don’t like, nor do I want the bad! Especially when it comes at such a high price as my dear chickens.

Last week, 3 of my 5 baby chicks were taken. I am quite certain it was a fox. It happened in the evening when the foxes like to hunt. And I know that they live here amongst the wilds. The babies, growing so very fast, could no longer easily fit through the fence. They had wandered off to forage. I heard an excited peeping, the one that says something is wrong. But by the time I got my shoes on & a flashlight (it was evening) it was too late to help the chick. I heard this same scenario 2x that evening. And, the next morning…..only 2 of the 5 chicks remained.

I know this is a matter of nature. I have had chickens for almost 5 yrs. now.  There is a learning curve with all things in life. It just saddens me that it was the price of my new baby chicks.

Adding to the “price of happiness”, having done a “test run” on the baby chick’s size versus the fence size opening, I thought they were large enough to add them back to the entire flock. Boy was I wrong. The next morning one was out, doing a favorite thing, eating the spilled wild bird food. What a treat! I grabbed the chicken net, aka the fish net, and started to pursue her. Little did I know my silly 4 year old Great Dane, Hank, was there to assist. It seemed like Hank was thinking, ” Ma, I got this!” 145 lbs. pouncing on a tiny ,maybe, 1 lb. chick. The result, a baby chick with a terrible broken leg.

I had to go to my job that pays me! So I had to put the baby in an enclosure that I had used to protect them as they grew large. And, I had to take the chicken net into the main chicken yard and catch the sibling. Chickens are companion animals.

Thankfully, the other baby chick wasn’t so difficult to catch. After a very long day at the paying job, I had to tend the broken baby.

My husband, being in sports for many years, had a look. Broken femur bone, ouch! this is terrible. I broke a popsicle stick in two & splinted it’s leg. I hate to say, this is probably not going to end well for the baby’s leg.

Is this necessary? I appreciate the good! I really do. Why must we suffer this bad? Especially the innocent.


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