Playing with nature..well trying to help?!

wating for siblings

waiting for siblings

I thought it was a good idea to purchase Rhode Island Red eggs off of eBay for my setting hens. The pullet roosters weren’t up for “the task”. So why not purchase some fertile eggs. Rhode Island Reds go with my desire to keep the heritage breed alive & well. I have had success with surrogate mothers in the past, and not.

It seems we are in the “or not” right now. My New Hampshire hen hatched out 2 baby chicks today and killed one & tried to kill the other. This was before my 8-year-old ,chicken tending daughter found the injured baby. Well, thank the stars we have an incubator. So no more eggs for that Momma. We took the remaining 5 into the incubator.

Didn’t want to raise more baby chicks myself, but if I must, I guess I will. It’s better for my mental health than having left the chick to be pecked to death!! Besides, there is hope for me. The other Mother that is setting hasn’t hatched out a chick yet. I could sneak the babies under her. (There is no way to sneak a baby chick anywhere, they peep too much!) That is to say that one of the other eggs hatch. But, the one my daughter saved looks like the Mom was trying to take its neck off. I will need for that to heal. Chicken are very cruel to the injured. One of the traits I do not like about the birds.

If you could see them be the “sweet Mothers” I have seen most of the time, you would understand why I bought those Rhode Island Red eggs on eBay. Nature is a strong force, and I was trying to aid. Only for the better!

In the mean time, I have a fussing baby chick on my kitchen counter!


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