Being mindful

reclaimed bird bath water

reclaimed bird bath water

If everyone was just, lets say, 2% more mindful of their actions, I think things would turn around for the environment.

A small mindless thing I was doing today got me thinking, again, about this concept. I was running the hot water, waiting for it to go hot. You know, you have done it many times before. But what do you do with that water? Simply let it run down the drain? Or do you do “the right thing” (Ok I’m off the soap box for now) and capture it? It’s clear that I chose the latter.

Mind you, my house plants are out for the season now. So, I had to do the outdoors “trek”. Oh, how very inconvenient, but not really for me.  And my outdoor plants were very grateful, I’m sure, for my extra efforts. It has been a bit too dry here in the metro D.C. area of late. I had to take 3 trips, but I felt that the water was well used.

Now that simple gesture was mindless for me, but sadly, a great thought for many. I work with the public and gently remind people, trying not to soap box it too much, of their simple duty to the environment, such as catching water.

Rather than preaching, I prefer to give suggestions. Better received.  And let me tell you, I have plenty of suggestions!!! Even something as simple as offering a clean bird bath. 2%, that is all.


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