Treasures found with a keen eye.

surprise eggs

surprise eggs

It always amazes people who know me, what a keen eye for detail I have . I see things most people overlook. This is, of course, a blessing and a curse. I would prefer to think of it as a blessing. I will give some recent examples:

My husband was bringing the fallen leaves to our veg garden and I said, ” I hope you didn’t cover over the cilantro”. He had no idea what I was talking about. Seeing as how there were many types of weeds mixed together in the area, I could see how he could have easily overlooked the cilantro plants. Funnily enough, there were 5 cilantro plants growing in the lower part of the garden. They were brought up from a plant I let self-seed 2 years ago! Commmmme on, now that is cool. 2 years ago?! I was trying a technique I read about, which was tilling the soil every 6 weeks in order to bring up the new weed seed  to exhaust the supply. Yeah, that’s another post… But lo & behold, there are 5 amazingly healthy cilantro plant! One of my favorite herbs. What a nice unexpected gift!

The second part of the amazing was, I was covering over the straw that I have for various things on the homestead, when to my delight there were eggs laying in a patch of fallen leaves. These eggs were from at least 3, if not 4, different hens. It is one of the many interesting things I find about keeping chickens.   They like to lay their eggs where others have already layed them.  I guess they think, “well, this looks like a good spot”. Silly hens.  It had been very cold and surprisingly no cracks in the eggs from the plummeting temperatures. I have found in the past that if it is extremely cold out, the eggs will produce hair-line cracks from freezing. Mother Nature was helping me out again. I just love when she rewards me with unexpected gifts!


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