Can you feel it?

It is coming whether we acknowledge it or not. Spring of course, is what I am referring to. I can tell because the hens are really “pouring it on” , as far as laying goes, that is. And the roosters….well, let’s say they are becoming more frisky. Poor hens!

washed eggs

newly washed eggs

Look at all the amazing shapes, sizes, and colors! Can’t find those in a carton in the grocery store. I have a mix of hybrid hens, contemporary hens, and heritage hens. Can’t say I’m in love with the hybrid girls. (Don’t tell them I said that!) They lay the most “grocery store” type of egg. Well, that is what they are bred for. So, my mix is truly fun. Sometimes the eggs are oblong. Other times round. And if you weren’t aware, those “malformed” eggs are off to become the “ready-made” eggs, or to the bakeries, because we must never see them in their imperfect form! Heaven forbid!!

So I say YAY! to imperfect eggs! Happy eating!


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