Funny thought…

Today I had a funny thought about other people’s perception of me. This is not something I think of often. I was blessed with an amazing family that made me feel that I was a valuable person, so I do not often wonder what others think of me. What an amazing gift!

That being said, I had this thought, and it had to do with my thriftiness. As you can imagine, if you are not a homesteader or a person from a thrifty background, using shredded paper for my hens’ bedding would seem absurdly frugal.  It is a normal practice for me. Think back to a time in your life when you used  paper for art projects, and then think of my hens’ eggs newly laid on newspaper print. By the way, the eggs are wet.

paper transfer

paper transfers

Shall I write an explanation on these cartons of eggs: “Please disregard the appearance of the “tattooed” eggs, thrifty homesteader handled these chickens and eggs”?  I think that may set it straight.

Easter egg tree

Easter egg tree

Wanted to show an amazing way to support the egg craft. Many years ago we went to Eastern Europe. Coming home, we bought these beautifully hand crafted eggs. And, several years later my husband blew out eggs for the children to paint to enhance the tree. I think it looks pretty darn complete!

By the way, my very handy & talented husband made the “tree”. It’s original purpose is a hat & glove drying rack.


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